Thursday, 29 September 2016

New Work, Site and Contacts...

I am creating handmade bone china lampshades.

From now on all new work will be posted on my website and social media so please take a look...

My new website is:

You can also contact me by email:

I'm now on Instagram:

And on Twitter:

Thank you.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

A collage...

Here are just a few shots of both sides of my work together. Hopefully I will be able to display both at ‘New Designers’ in London.

It’s all about layers…

I have been working on my tableware for two weeks adding layers of decoration, the first stages are frustrating, because you expect they will look better later, but whilst they are at this stage, every time someone comes over you want to shout “DON’T LOOK AT THEM!” just in case people assume you just have bad taste. It's a stressful time.

The first layer shown previously with cobalt decals.

The second layer was black enamel text; I feel this was when they looked there worst.

Once the third layer, digitally printed full colour decals, of my watercolours were added they looked more exciting.

I did another layer of colour decals on some to fill in gaps. Then the final layer is brown/gold or platinum decals, which are also used on my bowls.

Final flourish…

My bowls that have been glazed on the inside and finished with some brown/gold and platinum transfers, I hope that they haven‘t been over done with the addition of transfers; I have tried to keep the additions to a minimum.

Before transfers were added (nice professional photo, hopefully I will get some taken of them finished)

With transfers

I am now also producing some tableware with the same theme, so it will be interesting to see if they work well together.

Before firing 

After firing

This is the first layer of decoration; cobalt transfers (or Decals) on to white-ware.